Speaking Inquiries

I love to interact with my audience and strive to create meaningful dialogue through my talks. I would love to hear from you about your event and explore ways I can contribute to your cause.

The following are some of the topics that I regularly speak about -

1. Navigating

Navigating graduate school as an under-represented minority can be challenging, and intimidating. This is why so many of people of color in academia have considered dropping out at some point. In this talk I will draw from my experiences during my time as a graduate student, and help the audience think about strategies to overcome the obstacles to achieving that degree. Emphasizing also on how non-minorities can be allies and contribute to a more welcoming learning environment.
Audience: graduate students, undergraduate students considering grad school, international students

2. People in
People Science

Beyond the buzz-worthiness of the term, what does driving with data truly entail from the ground reality for the People who we are researching? In this talk I will draw from my experience working with senior leadership, and using employee data to drive decision making for Culture and Talent. I will elaborate not only on the methods for data analysis, but also on the ethics of what comprises the right data, and most inclusive and context-driven methods for analytics, for organizational succeed.
Audience: data officers and people analysts in the industry; those seeking employment in the people research space

3. Combatting
Pay Inequity

There is a pay gap that exists in our workplaces. While the global numbers point at women earning 60% of what the men earn for a similar job profile, the numbers in the US engineering industry is closer at 80%. In this talk I present findings from my research on pay inequity. I talk about factors both intrinsic and extrinsic to industry. I present examples on how recruiters and hiring managers can be trained to offer competitive market pay to both men and female; and how to use tech to understand pay structures.
Audience: culture and talent professionals, educators and career service professionals, those seeking their first jobs in industry

4. Mixing

Are quantitative methods better than qualitative ones? Or do qualitative methods delve deeper into the context, giving us a deeper insight? In an era when we are surrounded by AI, and machine intelligence, how important is qualitative methods? In this talk I present real world examples where both quantitative and qualitative research methods have been mixed in research design to successfully provide a more holistic understanding of a research context without expending much resource or time.
Audience: education researchers, graduate students, people analysts

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Selection of Talks

"Sreyoshi is truly a passionate advocate for women in engineering, an inclusive ally and innovative researcher and woman in engineering. She is a self motivated and energetic person and her inspiring work is contributing towards providing a very healthy work environment for many in industry."

-Richa Sinha, Amazon

"I am motivated to pursue graduate school in Engineering, and maybe consider applying to my dream school in the United States. I am glad i was able to dream bigger for myself, and your stories have really helped me rediscover my dreams"

-High School student pursuing sciences in India