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This page outlines some of my recent writing collaborations. Click the individual post links below, to read more. I love to draw from my experiences and interest to write about Engineering and Technology, Gender and Intersectionality in the workforce. I also dabble in writing about travel or my favorite places, allowing me to re-visit them through words.

My experiences with code was featured by CodeHS."Coding can help address challenges of inequities in the 21st century workforce by highlighting trends, predicting outcomes, and drawing insights to make sense of large datasets on employees at organizations. "
I wrote with Dr. Rosh Rupani for the Online Learning Consortium (OLC)'s Blog on Adopting Playful Learning at Work. "It is the innovators who are venturesome and willing to try out new ideas, with very little guidance."
I wrote with Dr. Indrani Bhaduri on transversal competencies and young learners. लेखिकाओं को हार्दिक अभिनंदन। अति उत्तम लेख, परम्परागत अपितु समकालीन पृष्ठभूमि मे यथार्थ। सामाजिक मीडिया मे अग्रसारित किया जाना उचित होगा। लेखिकाओं से अनुरोध है कि क्रिपा करके अनुमति प्रदान करें।
Dwelling in the Guru’s Mind this September 5th” was written by Dr. Indrani Bhaduri and me. As life-long learners in an ever-changing world, it is critical that we empower ourselves to critically vet the information we consume and the ones we spread. This article was written to celebrate Teachers Day 2020.
I wrote with Dr. Indrani Bhaduri for CNN News 18 on musings on lesser known characters of the Indian Epic - Ramayana. Original article here at -
The Relevance of Gandhi in 2020th” was written by Dr. Indrani Bhaduri and me. Gandhism opens a window of fresh wisdom which has the power to resolve this crisis. The article was published by CNN News 18 as part of their Op-Ed at- .
I wrote with Dr. Adetoun Yeaman for the Society of Women Engineers' All Together Blog on Empathy as the First Step towards Allyship. "We must be careful to not stop at empathy alone. Empathy helps us get to allyship, where we are sensitized towards and lend support to those who have been systematically marginalized and disadvantaged. However, true inclusion can only happen when we go beyond empathy and extend ally-ship to accomplice-ship"
I wrote with Dr. Rosh Rupani for the Society of Women Engineers' All Together Blog on Encouraging Engineers to Fight Gender Stereotypes. "Who is to say that a man cannot have traditionally feminine attributes and that a woman cannot have traditionally masculine attributes? Express yourself in your creations the way a three-year-old YOU would!"
One day during the COVID-19 lockdown, as I grappled with my own productivity, I wrote about Productivity in times of a Pandemic for the Society of Women Engineers' All Together Blog. "Remember that during these unprecedented times kindness to one’s own self is of utmost importance. Be kind as you fit into your new routine and your workspace on your kitchen island or laundry basket. You are trying and some days peak productivity for you may equate to showing up. "

I wrote with the Board at the Society of Women Engineers, NY on strategies to succeed at online conferences. "Thanks mostly to the pandemic but also to increased connectivity across the globe, virtual conferences and hybrid ones, seem like they are here to stay. "
I wrote on Strategies for Applying to Graduate School. The article walks readers through useful steps to consider as they plan for the application and admissions cycles.
Some reflections post attending the United Nations' Ring the Bell for Gender Equality event in March 2020. "If there was one BIG take-away for me from yesterday it was this: I need to actively find, engage with, network with, speak about, advocate for, and promote the work of more and more women who may someday become role-models for others in the world of work."
A partnership between Virginia Tech, in the US and the University of Basel in Switzerland, the Global Perspectives Programme is aimed at preparing future academic leaders for the challenges of an increasingly diverse and globally focused higher education (HE) sector. This is the link to the report published, which I contributed to as a Fellow of the GPP in 2013.
s part of Open Access Week, the University Libraries and the Graduate School offered a travel scholarship to OpenCon 2015, a conference for early career researchers on open access, open data, and open educational resources. From a pool of many strong essay applications, I was chosen to attend the conference. I attended the conference in Brussels, Belgium on November 13-16, and sent the report below.
One home-sick Sunday during the first month of the COVID-19 lockdown, I co-wrote this blog with my mother, Dr. Indrani Bhaduri, on one of our favorite cities. Though we were about 7000 miles apart, it was wonderful how technology allowed us to pen some thoughts down together to be put up on a shared cloud above us.

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Congrats Baylor for winning the NCAA Bracket, but we are more excited to announce that Dr. Sreyoshi Bhaduri @thatstatsgirl has won the 2021 Tech Diva Success Bracket with almost 40% of the 136 votes. 🎉Her episode on equal pay is critical for #WomenInTech so listen for yourself!!! Thanks to all our bracket Tech Divas and allies for your dedication to Tech Diva Success.
"The advice that I have for girls or women interested in STEM is the same that my mother offers me. She reminds me of the Sanskrit saying, which ends as – विद्याधनं सर्वधन प्रधानम् ॥
Roughly translated, the saying encapsulates the sentiment that what you have learned, through experiences or education, is not in vain. In fact, it is your most prized possession. Your education cannot be stolen from you nor will it ever be a burden. It will only increase even when shared. "
My Recommendations for Career Professionals on Lifelong Learning - "I urge everyone to learn from all of their experiences, and take time to explore and build networks."