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Do you enjoy analyzing data - making meaning of numbers and text, to gain deep insights on a context? ThatStatsGirl aims to create a global platform to connect those working on data to others in diverse fields. Chances are that the problems we are working on, and the technologies we end up using, are being used by others to solve myriad other problems.

ThatStatsGirl is an attempt to bring in inter-disciplinary conversations on machine learning, data science, statistics, and mixed methods research with a broad audience so we all can learn and grow as stats, ML, or AI folks!

Above all, whatever your tool of choice, statistics/ML/datascience, ThatStatsGirl is here to ensure that YOU feel like you belong and to empower you to excel and break all the glass ceilings in STEM!

Here are ways ThatStatsGirl can help YOU:

  1. Learn ways to stretch yourself and achieve career goals in STEM.

  2. Understand stats/research on workforce and women in STEM.

  3. Strengthen your network of women in STEM.

  4. Discuss strategies for applying for higher education in the U.S.

  5. Discover job opportunities and how to best apply for your dream job.

  6. Speak at your next Tech/Data/AI event.

Spotlight - Jada Saves The Day
Jada Saves the Day tells the story of a young girl, Jada, in love with robots and programming. This delightful children’s tale shares Jada’s friendship with her brother’s team, her discovery of the deceptive plot, her empowerment through her programming education, and her resulting belief in herself as a cybersecurity ‘superstar’. ‘Jada’ is intended for both young readers and parents and teachers in a ‘read to me’ format. ‘Jada’ invites young learners to explore the fun and exciting world of STEM in their own lives.
Jada was developed by Kayli Battel - a mentee of ThatStatsGirl, and the book has contributions by Dr. Sreyoshi Bhaduri, founder of ThatStatsGirl. Proceeds from sale of the book will be used for STEM awareness workshops for young children.

Jada is a little girl who loves programming - and robots! Now, Jada gets to go to the “Extraordinary Engineering Extravaganza” robotics competition with her big brother Damien and his friends on the Blue Team. But Jada uncovers a sinister plot: the rival Red Team plans to stop the Blue Team with a bad computer virus.

With her amazing programming skills, Jada races to fix their robot in time for the Blue Team’s final race.

Can Jada save the day?
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