Dr. Sreyoshi Bhaduri



i am @ThatStatsGirl

I solve for challenges of the 21st century workforce. I work extensively with predictive analytics, qualitative and mixed methods research, and machine learning to understand data on, for, and by people. I serve as Senator at the Society of Women Engineers and am a Research Scientist at Amazon. Recognizing the biases that researchers bring into their codes and algorithms, I use my work to emphasize inclusive and ethical mixed-methods research to answer questions and glean actionable insights to drive decision-making.

I am passionate about increasing belonging among Women in STEM/Tech, Innovative Mixed Methods Research Designs, Sustainable Development Goals, People Analytics, AND most importantly - making the world a better place!

Here are ways I can help:

  1. Learn ways to stretch yourself and achieve career goals in STEM.

  2. Understand research on workforce and women in engineering.

  3. Strengthen your network of women in STEM.

  4. Discuss strategies for applying for higher education in the U.S.

  5. Discover job opportunities at the organizations I have been part of.

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